SPECIALE: the superlight wheelchair weighs only 3.9Kg!
SPECIALE is the adjective that best describes all the characteristics and peculiarities of this wheelchair that comes from the continuous research of solutions to reduce weight and meet the needs of an expert user who is looking for an ultra-light wheelchair made to measure.

The mechanical characteristics of the magnesium alloy used for the frame have been customized ad hoc for the development of SPECIALE. These characteristics give the product exceptional qualities of rigidity and smoothness. The reactivity of the wheelchair and the sensations perceived are similar to sports wheelchairs, such as tennis or basketball wheelchairs, where ease of direction changes and propulsion are requirements. The driving comfort of the Speciale is therefore truly unique.

Unique lightness, rigidity and reactivity

The most significant advantage has been obtained in the reduction of the transport weight, which can be in some configurations only 3.9Kg. Having such a lightweight product means less strain on the joints and makes everyday life easier. There are very few wheelchairs on the market today that can boast such a reduced weight.

SPECIALE is a manual wheelchair with a fixed frame made of Magnesium alloy. The bending is carried out with numerical control machinery to guarantee maximum precision and the welding is done by hand in a protected atmosphere. To preserve the mechanical characteristics over time, the frame has two layers of protection, an anticorrosive treatment and epoxy powder painting. Assembled with innovative techniques, SPECIALE is Made in Italy.

Adjustable posture according to your needs

Although SPECIALE is a fixed-frame wheelchair, the popliteal/heel cable size is adjustable. The standard configuration foresees the adjustments of the tensioning system for the seat and the backrest. The seat is made of tear-proof material and divided into two zones, one front and one back. This innovative solution allows finding simply, the correct posture of the pelvis as well as customized load management. In the same way, it is possible to adjust the tension of the backrest, adapt to the various postural needs of the trunk and sensibly manage the center of gravity.


Highly customizable

It is possible to select different types of backrests: the fixed one or the folding one with adjustable inclination. Also available as an option is the carbon fiber seat with a tilting system, to reach a broader range of sizes and the range of Aria postural backrests with central attachment. Further dedicated accessories make the product unique and more customizable. Speciale is an essential product in family feeling with all Aria products. Speciale is the result of the commitment of the research and development department. It is a unique product down to the last detail. 

Why choose the superlight wheelchair SPECIALE

Those who choose the Aria Speciale super lightweight wheelchair are autonomous people who can move independently throughout the day. Among the most appreciated features are:

  • Rigidity

  • Lightness

  • Smoothness

  • Super reactivity

  • Totally Made in Italy

Rotate or zoom the 3D preview

The product displayed is for demonstration purposes only and does not reflect the configuration

Technical specifications

Lightweight welded wheelchair with a rigid frame made of magnesium alloy with exceptional rigidity and smoothness.

Maximum load capacity 100 kg. Transport weight ± 3.9 kg.

The standard configuration is pre-selected in the configurator below (measurements in millimetres).

Parameters marked "Not adjustable after sale" are fixed; parameters without notes indicate adjustable measurements.










Rear wheels

FAT Wheels

Front casters

Stainless bearings

Side guards



Anti tipper

Scratch protection


Board for transfers

Phoenix Instinct Luggage

Portable Key Kit

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