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We introduce you to Delfina Prieto Mira and her life journey filled with challenges and successes.

Delfina, a 32-year-old Argentine residing in the vibrant city of Buenos Aires, has a story that embodies resilience, adaptability, and a deep gratitude for life.

Delfina's story takes an unexpected turn after spending the last six years traveling the world, and experiencing different cultures and landscapes. Her adventurous spirit led her to Barcelona, Spain, where she obtained a Master's degree in Business Intelligence. It was there that she faced an event that would forever alter her life on August 19, 2021: a devastating accident that left half of her body paralyzed. She now carries an incomplete T12 spinal cord injury.

In the face of adversity, Delfina's indomitable spirit shines.

She has always been a hyperactive person, constantly on the move, but her accident forced her to rethink her approach to life. It taught her the profound connection between mind, body, and soul, emphasizing that there are alternative ways to live and appreciate life beyond constant motion. Her independence remains, albeit in a different form, and she now has the opportunity to explore life from a unique perspective.

Delfina candidly shares her experiences of living with a disability in a world that often struggles to understand and adapt to such differences. "It saddens me that people still express surprise when they encounter a healthy and independent individual in a wheelchair. Some even have misconceptions about her abilities, believing that she cannot cook or have intimate relationships. However, what truly matters is the company of extraordinary people who make every aspect of life easier."

The Power of Communication and Alternative Therapy

Through her social media posts, Delfina offers an unfiltered look into her life, sharing her emotions and experiences. She has always been resilient, and her journey has led her to embrace alternative therapies like meditation, helping her find new ways to cope with her reality. For Delfina, there were two choices: stay in bed trying to change an irreversible situation or accept her reality with gratitude for being alive and explore the uncharted territory her accident has opened.

The Writer in the Hospital: A Novel of Hope

Incredibly, Delfina began writing her novel while still in the hospital, facing excruciating pain. Literature became her refuge during the toughest moments, and her book is a blend of fiction, romance, and personal experiences. "I think people will love it because it contains the possibility of finding happiness despite the pain."

Delfina's main goals are a testament to her unwavering determination. "My primary goals are to be in the best physical shape possible and take care of my mental health as much as I can to continue this hopeful journey and live my best life. Travelling, starting a family, and being a successful writer are definitely my top goals."

In her quest to embrace her new life, Delfina discovered Aria Wheels through thorough online research to find the perfect wheelchair for her. She was captivated by the design of Aria Wheels' wheelchairs and the variety of materials we offer to users. The discretion and style of Aria Wheels' wheelchairs appealed to her, aligning with her desire for a wheelchair that not only meets her needs but also reflects her personality and lifestyle.

Delfina Prieto Mira's story is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and its capacity for growth in the face of adversity. Her journey serves as an inspiration to all of us, reminding us to embrace life's challenges and find beauty in the unexpected."

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