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Lightweight wheelchairs
Wheelchair Backs

Aria Wheels superlight wheelchairs, postural backrests and accessories are the results of careful aesthetic and technological research, to offer maximum lightness and excellent performance. Aria Wheels products have been created to satisfy the mobility needs of active disabled people, giving safety, freedom and comfort.

Lightweight Wheelchairs

The extreme lightweight of the frames, significantly reduces the weight of the wheelchair. Using a lightweight wheelchair means easier transport and pushing, making everyday life easier.

Wheelchair Backs

Aria Backrest line is a range of backrests for wheelchairs. Aria backrests are designed to ensure correct posture and good stabilisation without inhibiting the upper body movement. Several solutions are available depends on weight, material and contour depth.


The first Aria wheelchair accessory is Smooth, a suspension fork that allows you to tackle even the most uneven terrain. Research, development and continuous innovation are the key to our work: we are designing new accessories.

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