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Phoenix Instinct: Revolutionizing Travel for Wheelchair Users with Innovative Luggage Attachments

Travelling with heavy luggage can be a daunting task for anyone, but for wheelchair users, it poses an even greater challenge. Recognizing this struggle, Phoenix Instinct, a pioneering company in the field of wheelchair accessories, has created a remarkable solution: wheelchair-compatible luggage. In a recent interview, the founders of Phoenix Instinct shed light on their inspiration, design features, and the positive impact their products have had on the lives of wheelchair users.

The driving force behind the creation of wheelchair-compatible luggage was the desire to make solo travel easier and enhance independence for wheelchair users. "We know how challenging it is to move heavy luggage and push a wheelchair at the same time," explained the founders. "We wanted to make carrying anything by wheelchair easier, giving independence to wheelchair users so that moving heavy luggage or shopping bags becomes a simple task."

So, how do these innovative luggage attachments attach to wheelchairs?

Phoenix bags are equipped with a bracket that securely clips onto a horizontal bar on the wheelchair. If the wheelchair has a bar across the backrest, it becomes a point of attachment for the bag. In cases where the wheelchair lacks a backrest bar, Phoenix Instinct offers a Universal Adapter that creates a clipping point. Attaching the bag to the wheelchair is a straightforward process: the user parks with the bag behind them tilts the bag to align the bracket with the horizontal bar or universal adapter and pushes down to lock the bag in place.

To enhance convenience and accessibility, Phoenix bags are designed with specific features and elements. One notable feature is the inclusion of omni-wheels, which provide multidirectional movement. The bracket on the bag allows it to pivot up and down but not side to side, ensuring stability and preventing twisting. This design enables the bag to behave like an extension of the wheelchair frame, allowing seamless movement together. Additionally, the large wheel size enables the bag to roll over most obstacles, making it particularly useful when rolling backwards out of elevators that have a lip to overcome.

Furthermore, Phoenix System bags come with a detachable trolley that can be used with any size of System bag, whether it's a cabin bag, large bag, XL bag, or shopping bag. The trolley can also be used independently to carry various awkward objects. During travel, the System trolley remains connected to the bag at all times, ensuring convenience and ease of use.

When it comes to security and stability.

Phoenix Instinct has developed a robust connection between the wheelchair and the bag. The attachment mechanism is designed to be solid and secure, allowing for easy connection and disconnection from the seated position. Disengaging the bag from the wheelchair becomes challenging for anyone standing beside the wheelchair, as the angle required to remove the bag can only be achieved by the person seated in the chair. Moreover, the bracket fitted to the bag features an adjustable tightness mechanism, empowering users to customize the connection to their preferences.

One of the most impressive aspects of Phoenix bags is their compatibility with a wide range of wheelchairs. Almost every manual wheelchair on the market can be easily fitted with a Phoenix bag, and many power chairs are also compatible. The bags typically attach to the rear of the wheelchair, directly clipping onto the backrest bar. In cases where a backrest bar is absent, the Universal Adapter offers an effective solution. This adapter consists of a 2mm thick carbon fiber plate with a horizontal bar, which sits under the wheelchair cushion on top of the seat canvas. The horizontal bar extends under the backrest of the wheelchair, serving as a connection point for the bag.

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