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Aria Wheels x Pro Medicare: postural seat from the Inserto Seat line in configuration with Aria wheelchairs

We are excited to share our new partnership with Pro Medicare, a leading Italian company in postural devices. Together, we are committed to providing solutions that respond concretely to the diverse needs of users. This partnership represents a significant step for Aria to offer complete postural solutions that combine comfort, lightness and performance.

Pro Medicare Srl: Listening to needs and developing postural solutions for individual well-being

Pro Medicare Srl is an Italian company with a history spanning over two decades of experience in the field of posture. Their mission is clear: to place the well-being of patients at the centre of everything they do. Equally important is their vision: to spread awareness about the importance of proper posture in everyday life, ensuring physical and psychological comfort.

Pro Medicare offers a wide range of posture systems that provide concrete solutions for complex postural conditions and issues. These include conditions such as ALS, muscular dystrophy, rare diseases, infantile cerebral palsy, traumatic and non-traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and amputations.

Super-light wheelchair + postural backrest + postural cushion = comfort and performance

This synergy came about from a combination of exceptional devices that would offer users the possibility of configuring a super-light wheelchair with a complete postural system while guaranteeing the best performance and maximum lightness.

The need was to find a reliable partner who could provide us with solutions that were easy to configure, but also functional for the type of users we were targeting. With the support of the Pro Medicare team, we identified the Inserto line as the ideal solution.

These cushions are designed with the principle of "Pelvic Total Support" (PTS), which has obtained patents on a national and international level, as well as the registration of the design of each model.

Each postural cushion in this line is designed to address a variety of pathologies, positioning needs, and specific goals. Each model is composed of independent pre-shaped elements that, when assembled, make the cushion suitable for every shape, size, and body morphology of a seated person.

Together with the Promedicare team, we have therefore chosen to include two Seat Insert Line cushions in the catalogue, which will soon be available on all Aria wheelchair configurators.

Inserto Modo: The light, soft and postural support for an Active Life

The Inserto Seat Modo cushion is designed for those who lead an active life and do not want to compromise on comfort and stability. The laterally and posteriorly fixed structure is fully adaptable anteriorly and posteriorly, guaranteeing adequate adaptation to the body mass and allowing management of asymmetries, pelvic obliquities, retroversions and anteversions. This cushion includes a structural kit, a "Forme Libere" padding kit and a New3D cover.

The Modo insert is particularly suitable for users with:
- injuries of traumatic and non-traumatic origin (e.g. paraplegia, amputations, etc.)
- genetic pathologies (e.g. spina bifida)
- degenerative pathologies (e.g. MS)

Click here to download the Inserto Modo Manual and Technical Scheme

Inserto Pratico: freedom of movement, stability and comfort for active children

The Inserto Seat Pratico postural cushion is particularly suitable for active children who need stable, comfortable and manageable support during transfers. The low-profile structure promotes freedom of movement, while the side and rear inserts provide leg control to improve the self-control of the trunk. The cushion includes a structural kit with differentiated density, a 'Forme Libere' padding kit, and a New3D upholstery cover that is ventilated, incontinent, fireproof and antibacterial.

Click here to download the Inserto Pratico Manual and Technical Scheme

The Modo and Pratico postural seat cushions in the Aria configurators

The Modo cushion will be selectable within the adult wheelchair configurators, i.e. on the 2.0Al, Ultra, 1.0 and Speciale. Different sizes will be available depending on the width and depth of the seat selected.

The Pratico cushion, on the other hand, is available for the KID paediatric wheelchair, but can also be supplied for the other models on request.

Finally, we would like to thank Rosaria Caforio and the entire ProMedicare team for making this collaboration possible and supporting us in the training of these products.

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