The Aria BKRTR backrest is the most suitable support for those seeking stabilization of the trunk and pelvis without sacrificing lightness and freedom of movement.

This postural backrest for wheelchairs is designated for adult users and is designed to fit the most rigid frame wheelchairs on the market.

Provides optimal spine curvature for improved stability and increased comfort.
This model is made of carbon fiber and weighs about 700gr.

For the Aria BKRTR wheelchair backrest, there is a choice of three different shell heights: 240mm, 280mm and 340mm, and two different widths, 335mm or 395mm.

To complete the carbon fiber shell, a 30mm thick high-density foam padding is supplied, together with the relative covering in fireproof and breathable material.

Compatible with most wheelchairs

The Aria BKRTR wheelchair backrest is compatible with most rigid-frame wheelchairs on the market. The backrest can be fitted to the wheelchair either centrally with the CLACE clamp, adaptable to Ø 19/22/25mm tubes, or laterally with the CLALA clamp, adaptable to Ø 22/25mm tubes.
Both clamps guarantee a wide range of adjustments.

Below you will find the configurator for your Aria BKRTR backrest and the standard configuration is pre-selected.

Technical specifications

Carbon postural backrest for wheelchair for adult users.

Weight ± 700gr

Supplied with 30 mm high-density foam padding and its cover is made of fire-retardant, breathable fabric. Can be mounted centrally, with CLACE clamp adaptable to Ø 19/22/25mm tubes, or laterally, with CLALA clamp adaptable to Ø 22/25mm tubes.

Shell dimension

Wheelchair attachment

After submitting the form, you will receive an email as soon as possible with a summary of your configuration.

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