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Ilaria Naef: New Aria Ambassador Between Skate and Freedom

We are excited to introduce you to the new ambassador of Aria Wheels, the talented Ilaria Naef, a pioneer of WCMX in Italy.

A month ago, we visited her at the Ottobock headquarters in Genoa to deliver her new Aria Speciale, and Ilaria shared her story with us. Starting from her childhood, Ilaria recounted how her first folding wheelchair was only a temporary solution. Growing up, she made a bold choice: to embrace the wheelchair as a means of freedom and daily movement.

Ilaria has taken WCMX, the Wheelchair Motocross, to a whole new level in Italy. Describing her sport as "skateboarding in a wheelchair," she explained how she performs tricks similar to those of skaters and BMX riders with a specially designed wheelchair.

Ilaria's passion for skateboarding dates back to her childhood, but it became a mission when she saw a video of an American guy named Aaron performing wheelchair skateboarding tricks at a skate park on YouTube. From that moment on, Ilaria dedicated every spare moment to experimenting with tricks at the skate park while studying in Germany for university.

The new Aria Speciale wheelchair has become an essential element in Ilaria's life. Describing it as sturdy and smooth, she emphasized the importance of having a tool that supports her in her daily challenges. Her Aria is equipped with Smooth suspension forks that allow her to maintain a soft and responsive feel like her WCMX wheelchair.

Today, Ilaria passionately strives to spread the message of inclusion and determination through sports, not only in Italy but beyond national borders. With her experience and determination, she aims to introduce WCMX to the widest possible audience, demonstrating that challenges can be overcome and dreams realized, regardless of circumstances.

Watch Ilaria's interview to learn more about her story and the world of WCMX!

We thank Ottobock for their hospitality and collaboration.

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