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A Grand Collaboration with CORIMA: Elevating Mobility to Unprecedented Heights

Aria Wheels is excited to announce its partnership with the renowned company CORIMA.

By teaming up with CORIMA, a leader in composite materials, we are embarking on a journey that aims to revolutionize the mobility solutions industry. This partnership represents not only the coming together of two entities, but also the convergence of innovation, excellence, and a shared commitment to shaping a unique future for active users.

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Apex of Artisan Mastery: CORIMA's Illustrious Legacy

Founded amidst the rugged peaks and lavender fields of the French Drôme region in 1973, CORIMA has carved its legacy as a model of character and innovation. From its inception, the company's expertise in producing moulds and prototypes for the metal, automobile, and aeronautic industries laid the foundation for an extraordinary journey. In 1988, CORIMA embarked on a transformative path, diversifying into the production of carbon composite parts and introducing revolutionary cycling products like the iconic "Disc Wheel."

The narrative took a visionary turn in 1991 when CORIMA responded to the call of Patrick SEGAL, deputy mayor of Paris, to adapt their revolutionary wheels for racing wheelchairs. This marked the beginning of an era where CORIMA's wheels became synonymous with exceptional athletes competing at the pinnacle of international events. The expansion into adaptive sports disciplines further solidified CORIMA's commitment to inclusivity and innovation.

Elegance Redefined: The ALLURE CARBON Wheels

The illustrious ALLURE CARBON wheels stand at the pinnacle of CORIMA's offerings—a testament to craftsmanship, aeronautical principles, and meticulous attention to detail. These wheels, available in two models, bear the hallmark of sophistication, lightness, and responsiveness. The ALLURE CARBON and ALLURE CARBON FIT wheels are not just wheelchair components; they embody a vision that unites aesthetics, reliability, and performance.

What sets CORIMA apart is the essence of its craftsmanship. Each unique wheel is meticulously handcrafted, incorporating 3K carbon prepreg fibres and aeronautical structural foam. The result is a structural marvel that embodies elegance and ensures durability, strength, and optimal power transfer, setting the stage for a seamless journey.

Responsive, efficient, and durable, the CORIMA ALLURE CARBON FIT is designed to enhance your everyday mobility. Incorporating a 6-tab mount system, it is compatible with an extensive range of handrims, enabling you to tailor your wheelchair's handling and ergonomics to your needs. The lightweight design is synonymous with CORIMA's high-performance carbon wheels, while the elegant and distinctive 4-spoke construction ensures responsiveness, efficiency, and durability.

Corima Allure Carbon FIT

ARIA Wheels and CORIMA: A Perfect Harmony

The collaboration between Aria Wheels and CORIMA brings together their unique ideas and expertise to create a seamless partnership. Aria Wheels is known for its modern approach and innovative products, and now it has joined hands with CORIMA, which has a legacy of excellence. Together, they envision a future where mobility becomes an experience of refined elegance, transcending all boundaries.

Looking ahead, Aria Wheels and CORIMA share the vision of providing unmatched solutions for active users. Beyond being a partnership, this collaboration represents a commitment to shaping the future of mobility with unwavering aesthetics, reliability, and high performance.

Starting in February 2024, it will be possible to configure Corima Allure Carbon FIT wheels with the ultralight Aria wheelchairs, creating an unprecedented triumph of lightness, durability, and aesthetics.

Configure now your Aria wheelchair with the Corima Allure Carbon FIT!

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Aria x Corima

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